SWISSCDC "This is us"

SWISSCDC is a Swiss company dedicated to fly fishing. Our success is not only due to our close and direct contact with fly fishers and tiers but also to the word of mouth advertising of fly fishers themselves.

The company was established in late 2002. The three friends, Marco Crippa, Michael Sack and Dieter Weiler, founded the company on the basis of their knowledge of the expectations and needs of the fly fishers and tiers who concentrate on CDC fly fishing. Our products were developed to come as close as possible to fulfilling the wishes and expectations of fly fishers. We are constantly working to improve the quality and ease of use of our feathers and to perfect the colours of our feathers and dubbings.

We are proud of having become so recognized in such few years. Our drive and motivation is to seek out new methods and possibilities and to improve tried and tested ways so that our fly fishing customers are offered nothing but the best.

We combine innovation and tradition to obtain the extraordinary –  SWISSCDC has objectives!