SWISSCDC ALPIN FUR - natural dubbing from the alps

Argentinian Hare

One of our most interessting products, "ALPIN FUR" is a mixture of natural animal hair from the Alps. These are the hairs of asult animals, which makes the particularly dense and hardy. This product has been used by flytiers since the 1950s and is still in use today.

After a long search and a difficult process to acquire this natural material, the hair is washed, disinfected and packed without any of dyes or colouring whatsoever. This product is presented exclusively in its natural and original form.

A fantastic dubbing for nymphs, large dry fly bodies or for terrestrial insects. Just put a small amount of these hairs in their emergers and it already looks realistic.

Use your imagination with our new material and you will be fascinated.

pack size = 1g
price incl. VAT = 7,50 Euro