SWISSCDC Amadou - only the best for finest flies

The Amadou, a fly fisher’s accessory which has become often overlooked, is still the best and ultimate way to dry your fine dry flies gently.

Correct handling has a significant influence on buoyancy, especially with fragile CDC flies. Of course, the correct “preparation” after several strenuous swimming attempts will do every dry fly a world of good and may well be rewarded with best fish of the day.

SWISSCDC offers the Amadou, made from the natural product "Fomes fomentarius" (Tinder Fungus)  in 3 different sizes.


"AMADOU PICCOLO", the smallest in our range

Size: approx. 45mm x 38mm,
large enough for all common dry flies.

The leather band allows the Amadou to be fastened to anything easily,
it weighs next to nothing and does a great job.

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"AMADOU GROSSO", as the name suggests, is the largest in our range.

Size: approx. 80mm x 49mm.

The fine, soft Amadou resides well-protected within a leather pouch, waiting to
treat all of your flies for the next cast, no matter what size they are.

The plastic loop allows it to be fastened securely.

Price: 23,- Euros incl. VAT


And here it is, our "AMADOU SUGHERO"!

The oval shape, the outer cover made of wonderful cork and then the soft sponge on both inner surfaces make this a really precious piece. Size: approx. 80mm x 49mm.

The metal eyelet is stable and can be fastened really securely to prevent you from losing it.   That would be a real shame with this extremely helpful accessory that helps you dry off all dry fles and gets them back into shape.

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